2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavor: 7500 Onan Diesel Generator

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Will your Generator slide out of its mounting area?

The replacement of the starter requires removing the cover panel(s) to get to it. Some times you can access it through the Oil filter / Fuel filter access doors.

Other parts need to be removed so check into things before you dive in. Remember, it is a tight spot to work in because you working under the Coach and working through a rather small access opening.

Most of the work on them requires removing them from the coach if they do not slid out. One needs to remover the covers to replace parts. Items that are held in place by screws in the cover panels need to be reattached properly.

Will need the model number off the generator as it appears on the unit or from your operator information so the proper manuals can be located. Some model information is harder to find.


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I do not know for sure what the problem is. I know I have correct voltage to the generator. The fuses

are good. I get a clicking sound when I try to start it but the starter does not engage or something is frozen. I believe that I need to start at the solenoid and or starter. The space is so limited I was hoping there would be a easy way to get to them. The model is 7.5HDKAJ11451D. The gen does not slide out.

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With those symptoms, here is what I would do:

By hand, turn over the generator motor to make sure it is free to rotate.

Put a digital voltmeter on the generator starter large lug. Attempt to start the generator. If voltage at the starter is below 12.0 VDC, check all connections, both positive and ground (actually, particularly ground).


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May I suggest that while you are down there looking at the generator, check the welds that hold it to the frame. I have a 2000 HR and the hanger welds were broken except for a 1/4" area on one hanger.

That's not what you asked but if mine were broken yours maybe also.

I drilled holes and bolted it.


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Sorry it took so long for me to update this...

I appreciate your help.

I ended up taking it in to a Cummins dealer to have it pulled out. They had to take a torch to get it out. But did not weld it back, bolted it instead.

The generator tried to start on its own. The starter engaged on its own and would not disengage. I had to disconnect the battery to disengage. It does not have a setup that I expected. The inverter in the genset failed. That also is what engages the starter.

The technician that repaired it said that not all work that way, but this year (2000) that's the way it functions. Replaced the inverter & starter, (starter stayed engaged for awhile before I removed battery cable so it was best to replace it while it was out.

Inverter alone was $1473.14, starter was $122.74. Total out the door was $2334.59 including tax & labor. Their estimate was $3386.

They thought the wiring harness might be burnt up also, it was OK. Repair work was done by Atlantic Cummins - Cloverdale,

VA Absolutely would recommend them.

Fair and Honest.

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