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I recently had the Liberty set up for towing with a Blue Ox base plate, Aventa LX, and the tail lights are non-invasive, bypassing the jeep wiring, the lights are totally controlled by the MH. I did a short 10 mile test drive towing the Liberty without supplemental brakes. Tows nicely, blue ox sets up and disconnects is easily.

I am interested in a Non-invasive supplemental braking system, trying to avoid temporary brake box type systems. I really like the ReadyBrake concept. However, after reviewing the installation, and the way the front of the Liberty is designed, it looks like there isn't a location to connect the aircraft cable loop assembly. I emailed readybrake to see if they have a solution for installing the readybrake on the Liberty.

I really do not want a system that splices into the motorhome or Jeep braking system. That's why the Readybrake looked like the way I wanted to go.

Has anyone installed the ReadyBrake on a 2008 Jeep Liberty?

I have just started reading about the US Gear, and will look closer at a couple of the other braking systems.

Just looking for some other thoughts, and what supplemental braking system others are using. Or any suggestions.


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Xplorer: I have a 2006 Liberty which I tow with a Blue Ox hitch and a US Gear D-CELERATOR auxiliary braking system--both installed by my RV dealer. I am very happy with the combination: the D-CELERATOR actuator sits nicely under the drivers seat in the foot well of the left back seat with the cable running under the front floor mat. It has a break away cable which attachs easily at the front of the Liberty and a control box which is position on the RV dash for emergency manual override if necessary and for adjusting the force of brake pressure on the JEEP. It is a permanent installation, so there is no messing around with setting up the auxiliary brake before setting out--makes towing/setup/disconnect quick and easy.

Good Highways!

Rich Halverson

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Thanks Rich,

I'll look at the US Gear, seems like folks that us the US Gear are happy. On the 2008 Liberty, as part of the towing process, the negative battery cable is supposed to be disconnected. I setup a simple batter disconnect. Although, there are those towing the 2008 liberty, and not disconnecting the battery cable and they are reporting that they are not having any negative impact by not disconnecting the cable.

That said,,,,,I am concerned about not following manufacturer towing instructions specifically, due to any potential warranty issue.

I'll look as the US Gear. Does US Gear tap into any of the toad vehicle electrical or brake system to work? I'm sure there website probably covers that. Thanks again.

Some of the braking systems as I understand it can only be used on a DP.

I have a gasser, I don't recall offhand, but there was one system that could not be used with gas.

I really like simplicity, the KISS concept.

Thanks for your response.


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I use the Blue OX Apollo system without the break away switch. With the safety cables I doubt the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited I tow (probably similar to the wieght of your Liberty, if not even a bit heavier) would let it get far enough away to activate the switch.

The unit is powered through a 12 volt recepticle. The first trip we took with the set up I simply plugged it into one of the Jeep's dash recepticles. The battery was dead the next morning. Before the next trip I rewired one of the two dash recepticles into the harnes that plugs into the motor home (I use the same type of tail light set up you do. There's no connection or integration with the Jeep's lights or harness). It now draws its power from the motor home. I also installed a simple blade switch on one of the Jeep battery terminals allowing me to completely isolate the battery from any draw what so ever while being towed.

It's very simple to set up (two minutes) and works very well. Even in a panic stop I never feel the Jeep is 'pushing' me.

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After research and a great deal of vassilating,,,,,finally went with the Brake Buddy,,,,,,and after the first 1900 mile trip,,,,it worked as advertised.

I did install a battery disconnect,,,,,,,but haven't used it.......I moved a fuse to make the 12v outlet hot all the time,,,,,,and after several days of towing,,,did not have any issue with battery drain. I have the BB set on a lower sensitivity,,,,,,as I mainly want the stopping power for an emergency stop,,,,as the Allegro does a good job hauling and stopping the Liberty.

I did install a breakaway switch,,,,even though I have the 10k rated hitch and safety cables............just didn't want to assume anything if I had a dearly departed Liberty.

As,,,,assumption is the mother of all screwups.

I sure like the independent lighting,,,,,,and the Liberty comes in at 4200 lbs,,give or take,,,,,,,tows nicely,,,,,,,,

Safe Highways.

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We have a Jeep Liberty, 2007 that is setup to tow. We use a Blue Ox tow bar and a Universal Gear Brake.

Power is supplied to the car through the umer if umbilical. hook up is under 5 minutes as is disconnect.

Yes it is built in, but it can be removed and carried over to another vehicle. The base plate might not be, but that is the low cost item.


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