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Seeking Sons/Daughters And Grandkids Of Classic FMCA Members

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Hi folks, I was just wondering if there are any sons or daughters or other relatives of early FMCA members here and if you might want to share your experiences when you were a child attending FMCA events. Also, I have several scrap books from the late 1960's and 1970's with a few pictures from FMCA events and my parents may have captured your family at one of these events.

Also, I have some stories I can share with you and you may have some stories you might remember as well.

My parents took extended trips and frequently looked in on FMCA members designated as "Stop-over spots" and I have some stories from staying with these folks as well.

I'm particularly looking for any relatives of these folks:

Audrey and Bud Stone (F3)

Cindy and Roger Jenkins (F1678)

Erna and Hanz Heidera F2378

Mr. and Mrs Lou Hamilton (F479)

John and Lee Pundt (F1390)

Seymour and Betty Johnson (F802)

"Billie" and "Doc" Watkins (F1272)

Eileen and Mabin Wensley (F1272)

Mr. Gilford Eerdman (F3038)

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bishop (F1496)

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kolb (A986)

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mathias (F2370)

If not here, try to find me at the convention in Gillette WY in 2013. If $$ and time permit, I hope to be there with my family.

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Hi Chris,

I sent you a private message before I figured out how to respond to this posting. I'm Jim Stone, the #2 son of Bud and Audrey Stone - F3 (L3). I am still an active member (F3s) and these days I travel in my 2008 Winnebago View.

I remember when your bus with the "Peterbilt" emblem on it was parked in our field for awhile. Those younger days were a lot of fun! Converted buses were a novelty back then and always drew a lot of attention wherever we traveled. I can't think of a better way to grow up than to be driven all over the country in a bus, actually seeing the things that your geography teacher would talk about in class, while the other students could only imagine them. Unfortunately, my children weren't interested in traveling by motor home unless they could do it with a television and a video game on board. Now that they're older, they're traveling by plane, but I still think that getting there is half the fun and they're missing out on a lot.

Most people don't understand the kind of relationships we formed with those early members of the Northeastern Chapter and the TCW Chapter. I remember having dozens of "parents" and feeling right at home in whatever coach the kids decided to hang out in for the day. With lower fuel prices back then, on weekends it was not uncommon to travel to anywhere from all of the New England states, to New York, New jersey, or all the way to Canada. Of course, there were usually break downs along the way, but other members would never pass you by and leave you stranded. Everyone helped out everyone else, when needed, and we lived more like a "tribe" than individual families. I would love to be able to go back and relive those earlier days. With high fuel prices and campground rates, along with all the other stuff going on in the country, camping and traveling just has a whole different feeling to it today. It's still the only way to go, though.

My siblings and I have lots of photo albums full of pictures from the old "bus meets", going all the way back to Hinckley School in 1963 where it all began. At some point, I hope to get them scanned and posted so other members can enjoy them. Thank you for seeking us out.

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It's great to hear from you and I'm glad you took the time to write. I also just now finished reading your PM to me as well. It's interesting that you and I aquired our first coaches around the same time. I got my first one in 1997 (which was a 1991 Allegro Bay). I had to get rid of that one around 2004, and I just picked up my current Southwind about 3 years ago.

You are correct, my parents did travel with a horse trailer to a couple of rally's which does bring up a good story:

On one trip we had two horses which my sister Karina rode in some shows. On this same trip, my aunt Cindy asked if we could stop by Chinchotegue (sorry for the incorrect spelling) and pick up a pony she had just purchased for their farm in Mass. My dad's original thought was to modify the two-horse trailer (he is a mechanical engineer you know) to accommodate the pony in the front. Once we got to the pick up point, we realized the pony would not fit in the new space, so he got the bright idea of having the horse in the bus. We covered the floor with rain slickers and hay and with a ramp and several strong men we got the pony into the Fitzjohn and drove to the FMCA rally (Northeast chapter I believe). My sister was in girl heaven, what other girl can brag that she had a pony in her bedroom! We arrived late at the rally site and the next morning we were all wakened by the pony whinning that it time to do it's business. The rest of the attendees of the rally knew my fater was crazy when we all piled out the next morning, including the pony, and my dad was seen shoveling horse manuer out our back window.

I was only 4-5 years old when we stayed at your place, but my dad still remembers that he asked your dad one time, where do I empty my holding tanks? (shhhh, this was against FMCA Code of Ethics at the time). Your dad just told him to open his valves and drive around the field.

I would love to see any of those photos you have from those early rally's and gatherings. As soon and you have the time to get them scanned and uploaded, let me know. I have a few here but they are mostly from national conventions and rally's out west:


Those were special times with everybody learning something from everyone else. At one rally my dad learned how to remove his dual wheels properly. At another rally a member spend several hours helping my dad get his rear axles repaired. If you saw another motor home on the side of the road you stopped to help because we were all one family.

My dad was wondering what ever happened to your parents Flx? I was also wondering if the barn that the FMCA helped raise still being used?

Good to hear from you,

Chris Guenther

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