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I have a 2007 Fleetwood Pace Arrow. The television is a LCD mounted above the dashboard. I am trying to remove the TV so I can get to the wiring.

It appears that the way to remove the TV is to remove the center bottom section of the overhead cabinet. I have taken out the four screws holding it in, but something is still holding the plywood in place. I am afraid to pull too hard and rip something out. Can someone give me some guidance on how to remove this panel and/or how to get the TV out?


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You are correct not to pull too much. If you get the proper screws out the frame (or whatever) should slide out with very little effort.

Is there a full frame around the TV? If so, look inside the storage cabinets on either side of the TV and see if there are screws on the inside frame of these cabinets that go toward the TV. If they are there, these screws (really long) will screw into a bracket attached to the frame and once removed (usually 2 on each side) will allow the frame to come out as one unit.

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