Car Tow Cover 2013 Ford Focus

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We just bought a 2013 Ford Focus SE and want to get a GOOD cover for the car while towing 4 down. Thought there was a company in Californina that made them, but can't find a phone number of info for them. Please let me know if you know where to get a tow cover made.


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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

I would not consider a car cover while towing-- the action of the wind at 60 mph on a cover could very easily damage the car.

Better, look at guards that protect the front of the car and mount to the tow bar and/or the horizontal screens that keep road debris from the motorhome from being thrown up into the car.

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We tow a 2012 Ford Focus,behind a 32 foot class`A motorhome.We do not use a car cover. We Have a brush mud guard on the

coach. We also use a product from Canada called a Protecta-tow. It hooks on the tow bar,and keeps the front of the car protected.

We have towed over 3500 miles and the front of the car is still scratch and dent free.The Protecta-tow is available on line from: for about $200.00 great company with good service.It is also cheaper than any other car shielding product we looked at.

Hope this helps.


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