Orientation Week- Discovered A Leak

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We took possession of our new 2013 Coachmen Freelander 32 BH Friday, October 26th and took it out immediately to a local RV park to get acquainted and find the bugs. We've had just over a week now and this past weekend- yesterday- while out camping we discovered a pool of water in the hallway and traced it back to behind the toilet. So, very worried, we cut all our plans short and packed up and bee-lined straight to the dealer that we picked the rig up from (did the purchase at a show). Being that it was Sunday, service was closed- so we met with the Manager and ended up leaving a page long list of things we discovered from the week of shakedown/orientation, on top of the very worrisome leak!

Silly us, assumed that because this was a water issue and water damage is serious business [General Managers estimate of time said by Tuesday night we'd have her back didn't help our assumptions], they'd be all over that on Monday morning- but about midday we get call that we need to go over there to meet with a serviceman to go over the list...the rig has not been worked on...and apparently won't be until they get approval (as we understand it) from the manufacturer.... meanwhile said leak could be still happening and causing damage/more damage... as we see it, we just saw the water on Sunday (yesterday) but it could have been leaking unseen inside the walls for longer.

So we're worried...but it's all under warranty...but still it normal to just set a rig to the side in a service queue while it sits and potentially causes more issues/damage? Seems counter intuitive.

Unfortunately, we didn't realize that we could have gone to a different dealer location, the one that our saleswoman is located at (where she could check on it and give us feedback), and we just went back to where we took possession of it after the show. Bummer. Now it's- do we stay there or do we chance a worse service re-queue by going and picking it up and then driving the hour or so to get it to the other location.

Anyways, mostly just venting and wanting to share our experience with other RV'ers... I had to go down there to meet with them because my husband couldn't get out of the office, but he's following up with calls- he's waiting on someone to return his message. -at least that's the last I've heard.

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Shut off the pump, Drain the tank and take the coach where you purchased it. The dealer where you picked it up from doesn't want to work on your coach. He doesn't get his full flat rate for fixing your coach and didn't make any money from your purchase.



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They have it already. Pumps not on. It's not empty unfortunately. :( It's the same dealer- we just purchased it during a show and our saleswoman is at a different location. We picked it up from this location several days after the show, per their instructions- and the final paperwork was done there (dmv stuffs).

Relaying your advice to my husband...see if we can go get it to drain it or request someone there to do it...but doubt it'll happen tonight.

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