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Cummins ECM

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I have 03 TS. with a Cummins ISC 350.

Does anyone know where the ECM is located?

I am having a problem with the cruse control coming on.

I have checked the circuits on the front of the coach all OK.



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PK 42. The ECM is located on the side of the engine opposite the Exhaust and turbo charger. One needs to kind of stand on their head to see it..

The cruise not setting is often the switch on the steering wheel, contact issue or broken wire, as mentioned in post #2.

There is a circuit board that interfaces the wiring from the switch cabling and the chassis harness.

The one cruise control issue I had was related to a defective voltage regulator. The giveaway to an alternator problem, was it would work when things where cold (first starting) for the days travels. As the engine heated up the cruise worked fine, until I engaged the brakes, releasing the cruise or by turning it off at the wheel.

When I tried to reengage it, the cruse would work but would have a surging affect or be very difficult to engage at all on real hot days.

The circuit uses engine RPM's (tachometer signal) and speedometer information to maintain a set speed.

The noise from the bad alternator was interfering with the signals used by the cruise electronics.


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