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Got a new to us Ford Explorer, so the next step was getting the (choke choke) expensive ($249) Neutral Tow Kit (NTK -- $1.95 LED with connector and a set of programming instruction). Had it installed at the local Ford Stealership with another $60 installation fee. At that price, you should expect that it was done correctly. WRONG!!!!!!!

I had a problem with my Roadmaster Even Brake system, i.e., it indicated a fault the first time I tried to hook it up in the new Explorer. Took it to my local RV Fix it shop and they worked on it. They also at the time wired the new Explorer for towing. Turned out to be a stuck compressor. So I thought I had better get experience with the Exploders Neutral Tow Switch. In the driveway yesterday, I tested it -- half a dozen times and it DID NOT WORK, no blinking light!!!!

Called the RV Fix It Shop to verify that what they did could not interfear with the neutral tow switch. Shop verified and 'Splained to me in terms I could understand, and I did.

Called the Installing Ford Stealership who over the phone swore it was because I was NOT hooked up to the coach. I called a Big BS on that excuse so they said bring it in, and I did. Without even looking at the Exploder they said (again) that the reason it did not work was because it was not hooked up to the coach. That's when I somewhat (OK read them the riot act) dressed them down, giving them

a lesson in EPROM Programming (I am one of the earlisest Computer Programmers from back in the 1950's). They quickly said they would hook up the Exploder to the diagnostic machine (Computer) and did.

About 20 minutes later, the service writer waves my keys at me saying it's all done. Of Course (in my most sarcastic way) said, "What Was Done?" Well he sez, the diagnostic machine (computer) said it was NOT ENABLED, BUT WAS REPROGRAMMED!!!! So I sez, "The NitWit Tech entered all the revised EPROM Instructions, but did NOT hit the ACCEPT OPTION?" A Very Weak "Yes" was said to which I retorted -- NITWITS!!!!

Lesson Learned -- Always verify the work performed right there and before you leave.

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