Diesel Pusher Repair in Dallas Texas Area

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Hello Everyone,

We have just finished relocating to DeSoto, Texas. A Suburb of Dallas, Texas. On our trip down from Denver, the diesel generator has stopped working. It will crank, sputter and then quite. We are scheduled to leave for L.A. on the 2nd and I'm desperate to find a quality repair facility in our area that can address the generator issue and one of the leveling jacks that is not properly working.

Can anyone recommend a repair shop here in the area, that is honest, experienced and isn't looking to gouge someone?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to post here or send a PM.

Thank you in advance.


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Give North Texas RV Repair in Denton, TX a call. They have a shop on Hyw 380 West of Denton and a new shop out on I-35 North of Denton. Call Ken at 940-482-0186. Great folks and good service.

By the way, Welcome to Texas


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