High Temp Light/buzzer 1994 Safari 8.3l Cummins

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On my way to FMCA rally. Broken down at Turlock rest area. Won't restart high temp buzzer light. Any way to bypass sensor and get on my way? Waiting for tow, and repairs on Monday (earliest shop open).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Tow truck finally showed up (5 hours) and hooked me up. Driver was going to unhook driveline and had me turn on the key to disengage parking brake. Driveline still wouldn't rotate. Turned key to start position, motorhome started right up. Had driver disconnect and I opted to drive straight to rally in Indio. Started right up again after I parked. The dash light warning was for high temp. It has been suggested to me from a gentleman in my chapter that it isn't the water temp sending unit but rather a relay.

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