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50 amp (100 total) Popping Breakers At 60 Amp Loads

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50 amp Rexhall Aerbus 39' pusher with Intellitec EMS installed and a Hughes Autoformer.

Running 2 electric space heaters, one on low, Splendide washer, TV and associated equipment and some small loads and blowing Campground breakers on 50 amp hookup. Some weeks ago in the night I heard sounds like relays clicking on and off. Pedestal tests between 112 and 118 on each leg. Hughes Autoformer, mounted internally near transfer switch has the amber light flickering and only showing boost on one leg of park power. I thought it was the problem and took it out of the equation and sent an Email to Hughes but they seem too busy to respond.

My Intellitec 800 panel indicates I am on Gen Set and not on 50 amp shore power. Selector button does nothing but I understand the selector only works on 30 amp or less. When I tested the rig end of the Marine 50 amp cord it tested good on both legs. My gut tells me I am only getting one leg of 50 amps to the EMS. I have physical limitations and couldn't test transfer box output easily.

We have also had past anomalies with the Generac generator control board which shouldn't be involved in this equation.

Any ideas on where to look next?

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