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My inlaws were both longtime members of FMCA and owned a converted 1972 MCI MC-7 at the time of their death several years ago. My wife and her two sisters have had a sentimental attachment to the coach but I have finally gotten them to agree to let me move forward and get her sold. If this were a boat I would know just what to do as boats are my personal addiction. But when it comes to selling this coach I am a total loss as to what to do. We live in a relatively small community near Hilton Head Island, SC. I am not aware of anyone else in the area that has a motorcoach let alone a dealer that could help or advise me.

Could anyone please give me advice on the best way to find a new owner for this MC-7? I intend to buy a classified ad in the Association magazine but I am wondering if there are any other methods I should use.

Before his death I did have my father-in-law write up a two page description of the coach which I have in hand so at least I can provide that information to prospective buyers. I live very near to where the coach is stored so showing it to people is not a problem.

Any suggestions you might give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Jim Kindwall

P.S. For those of you that might remember them, my inlaws were Roger and Linda Worth, formerly of Deerwood, MN, and Beaufort, SC.

I have read the rules for this forum and want to make it clear that I am not making any attempt to offer this coach for sale with this posting. I simply need advice on the best way to offer her for sale. If I have crossed the line, I did not mean to.

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Sorry for yours and your wifes loss.

On the FMCA home page under chapters, search for conversion coaches and maybe MCI. Most all have web site to contact. They may be able to guide you to someone or place that might be able to help.

You may also be able to google RV Sales,SC, look at their sites. Some will take consignments.

Good luck and again sorry for your loss.


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Thanks for your input and for your kind words. I will follow up on the paths you suggested.

How does one determine a fair price for a coach? When Roger wrote up his spec sheet he suggested a fair selling price of $75,000 but the economy has changed and I would judge the coach to be slightly "distressed" as she has sat without use for several years. In her present state I think of her as a "fixer upper" and should be priced accordingly. Is there a sort of "Blue Book" for coaches?

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