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I recently had to have the windows in my 2006 Fleetwood Discovery repaired due to failing seals and clouded conditions. It seems that Fleetwood had a bad series of windows installed from 2005 to 2007( Made in Mexico) which when the seals dried out, caused severe fogging to occur, which resulted in not being able to see out the windows, expecially when in direct sun. Well fear no more fellow FMCA members, there is a company in Searcy, Ar, which goes by the name "Fog Doctor" and what a class act those folks are! They removed 5 windows from the unit , repaired them by complete disassembly and properly sealing the windows and re-installing them in our unit. All this was done within a day and we were on the road again by mid-afternoon. I know there several clubs for both Freightliner, and Fleetwood clubs that may have the same problem, but this company was the answer to my problem and judging by the 5 other Fleetwood units there for repair, it's fairly comman. Its well worth the drive to Searcy, AR, and let those talented people do the repairs.

Clouded No More

Ron Sellers

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Cost is a good question! I live in SC.

I have an '05 Revolution with the same problem. I need to repair at least 5 windows.
I also think Fleetwood should share in the repair cost since this is a problem in so many
of their coaches.

This is getting to be a safety issue with the drivers side front window. I often cannot see
in the mirror when I'm backing or switching lanes.

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I had a full set of fogged windows in my 2005 Fleetwood. It seems to be epidemic among Hehr windows installed in the mid-2000s.

To me, they didn't seem effectively sealed: two square seals that eventually seperated, allowed moisture in.

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