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Weighing RV - Place Along I-10

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While most CAT scales do not provide the side clearance to help ypu calculate individual tire loads you can check out their locations HERE.

Penske has a scale locator site.

BigRigs also has a

Here you can get more info on the importance of weight and a worksheet to help you calculate individual tire loads.

Once you know the actual individual loads you set the minimum inflation for all tires on each axle based on the heaviest loaded tire on that axle. Most suggest you add 5 to 10 psi safety cushion.

You can contact me directly if you need help with the calculations.


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It would be a fair diversion from I-10, but the Escapees CG and headquarters in Livingston, TX has a permanent location for weighing each tire position. They do require making an appointment since it 's not staffed full-time and I'm not sure what the situation is for non-members. However, if the trip deviation is worth it to you they can be reached here.

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