Trip Plan from New York to Alaska

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We are trying to plan a trip from Fort Drum (Water town), NY to Fort Richardson (Anchorage), AK. I can not find a map on line that shows the RV parks and Diesel stations, much less will let me avoid things line low tunnels or bridges, and since it looks like all the roads are 2 lanes, it is a real pain especially since this is our firt trip like this. We need help scratch_head.gif

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Hi elisowski,

We are in the same situation, but motored on ,we just bought a rand mc nally GPS , model RV 7720LM. This will give you

all the road issues you will come across like tunnels etc.

Then yesterday we preordered the 2013 issue of the MILE POST on AMAZON. It won't be in print until mid March. By preordering, it will save you around $10.00. This will give You all the info you will need when you get to Dawson City BC,(mile zero).

Milepost is the BIBLE to RV travels to ALASKA .

If you take a PC along, click on http://gasbuddy.com/ and you can see current fuel prices. I hope this helps somewhat.

We are going there this year come middle of June , maybe we see you there.

Good luck and save travels.


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(PCS from 10th Mountain?)

See if this helps. On my personal website are three sets of files suitable for loading into Microsoft Streets & Trips: one gives the locations of Flying J's (which tend to be more RV-friendly that the generic Pilot locations) (http://www.skiprd.com/FlyingJlocations.xls), one the locations of Loves Travel Stops that have RV dump stations (assuming that those would be the RV-friendly ones) (http://www.skiprd.com/LovesStores.xlsx), and TA locations (which I tend not to use, but they're there anyway) (http://www.skiprd.com/TA.xlsx). The locations aren't always 100% accurate, but they're usually close enough that you can find the travel stop. That should allow you to plan the route and pick out fuel stops in advance. I don't think they're generally good for Canada, though, and I've got nothing for Alaska, which means that starting about BC these files have no locations.

(Just for the fun of it, I loaded Watertown NY to Fort Richardson: 4315 miles 8-1/2 days based on an 0900-1700 driving schedule. What a great trip!) Here's the image: http://www.skiprd.com/FtDrum.jpg. You can see that the locations in my files (which don't necessarily reflect reality) peter out in Alberta.)

Hope these help. Keep us posted.


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The following link is to MS Streets and Trips "The Points of Interest Mega File". The POI Mega File is a free map template containing hundreds of pushpin collections for truckers, RVers and other travelers. It has the nearly every POI you could think of using. Please read instructions for use of the template. You do not want to keep all types of POIs because the file will be to large and take a long time to load. Delete all types of POIs that you feel you will not ever use.


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