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      Update from Texas Assn of Campground Owners re: Evacuees   08/28/17

      Good morning, There are now at least 18 privately owned and operated campgrounds and RV parks across Texas that are accepting evacuees. The attached news release, updated from the one the association issued yesterday, includes the names and contact info for the parks. Consumers can also do their own research to identify parks with RV spaces and rental cabins at www.TexasCampgrounds.com and www.TexasCabinRentals.net. Please contact Brian Schaeffer, executive director and CEO of the Texas Association of Campground Owners, on his cell phone at (817) 307-0129 for any questions. We will continue to update this release over the weekend based on the feedback we receive from campgrounds and RV parks across Texas. Many thanks for including our information in your reports yesterday. We appreciate it. Sincerely, Jeff Crider
      (760) 567-9775 (cell)

How To Place An FMCA Classified Ad-- On Line

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Can someone tell me step by step how to place an ad to sell my motorhome in the FMCA magazine classified.

How do I open an ad form to fill out?

I only seem to be able to open a form to print not to fill out.



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Doing a search on FMCA's main website for "Classified" turned up this contact-- might give her a call on Monday:

For information about classified advertising, contact Bridget Lynn,
classifieds coordinator, (800) 543-3622, (800) 543-4717 Fax, e-mail

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