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      Update from Texas Assn of Campground Owners re: Evacuees   08/28/17

      Good morning, There are now at least 18 privately owned and operated campgrounds and RV parks across Texas that are accepting evacuees. The attached news release, updated from the one the association issued yesterday, includes the names and contact info for the parks. Consumers can also do their own research to identify parks with RV spaces and rental cabins at www.TexasCampgrounds.com and www.TexasCabinRentals.net. Please contact Brian Schaeffer, executive director and CEO of the Texas Association of Campground Owners, on his cell phone at (817) 307-0129 for any questions. We will continue to update this release over the weekend based on the feedback we receive from campgrounds and RV parks across Texas. Many thanks for including our information in your reports yesterday. We appreciate it. Sincerely, Jeff Crider
      (760) 567-9775 (cell)

FMCA Black Eye

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FMCA leadership was made aware of these accusations over the weekend and is currently investigating the alleged incident. Anyone who truly knows FMCA, realizes that the vast majority of members care about one another, open their hearts and their homes, and treat others with love and respect. After all, this association was founded on the principles of family.

As with all "families," there could be a few people who may not act in the best of ways. It is unfortunate that a few individuals could tarnish the image of thousands of other families. As one other person wrote, with approximately 85,000 active member families, there is bound to be a bad apple or two.

As FMCA members, we do agree to abide by the Member Code of Ethics. We endeavor to be good neighbors, careful and responsible coach owners and operators, and good citizens in our communities. We should recognize that the public will judge members of Family Motor Coach Association, and thus the entire association, by their individual actions.

Jerry Yeatts

Executive Director

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I do not condone drinking and driving at anytime. However, I honestly feel there are few amongst us that have never gotten a little loud and said some inappropriate things under the influence of alcohol. No matter how sad one feels afterwards, the words have been spoken. Maybe this is an example the less said the better and maybe it will just go away.

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Our National President, Charlie Schrenkel, and Ric Ricordati, the Western Area President both responded by email, to the person who brought this up on the other forum. She gave FMCA " kudos to FMCA for their quick response to my complaint to them".

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