2000 Endeavor Diesel Electrical Plug For Microwave

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I need some advice about this circuit.

This is my problem...I had the plug in the cabinet that is used for the microwave burn up. I replaced the plug. The microwave is OK, we still use it with extension cord. I have no power to the plug. The circuit for the plug is coming from the inverter. There are two circuits coming from the inverter. 1 circuit feeds most of the other plugs and I think the other 1 is for the microwave. I have power after the breakers on the inverter, both circuits. All other breakers on main panel are on and working OK.

I have a junction box under the sink that feeds two circuits, one has power one does not. I cannot find another GFCI in the circuit on another junction box. Does anyone know how this motorhome is wired or what I am missing?

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Look for outlets in the storage bin below the junction box you mentioned. If they are there, check them. It is not unusual for the outlets that are put in motor homes to have the wiring burn inside the outlet since most only use a push in connection. These are very dificult to find; but if you do, replace the outlet with a better quality outlet that uses screws to clamp the wire. Please let us know what you find.

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