Mail Forwarding, Notify FMCA Every Week to Not Send Mail?

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Please ignore this posting/topic. I searched a little deeper in the FMCA website and got my answer, I can notify FMCA to hold mail until notified.

I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered before. I searched for "mail forwarding" and got zero hits.

I am looking to start using FMCA mail forwarding and saw the following statement:

"The first letter of your last name determines your mailing day. FMCA's
Mail Forwarding Department must have your forwarding address, or
notification to hold your mail, no later than the last working day prior
to the day your mail is scheduled to be forwarded".

Does this mean if I don't notify FMCA EVERY week, they will automatically forward last weeks mail to the last "general delivery" address I had mail sent to, even though we have moved on?

We travel a lot and seldom spend more than a few days in any one location. Other mail services we have used allow us to call or email when and where we want the accumulated mail sent to. They don't send mail again unless we call or email.

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