Mixing Tire Brands

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Our 40 ft Damon Tuscany has Yokohama tires on the front and Goodyear on the back both size 275 /70 R22.5. These tires were on the motorhome when we bought it. The back tires will be 7 years old this summer and we intend to replace them with Michelin tires through FMCA's program. The front tires are only 3 years old.

Should we replace them as well and have the same brand all around? Also the Goodyear tires are load range H. The Michelin tires in the same size show load range J. Why the difference?

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I will address the alternate: It is NOT a good idea to have different tires (size, brand or age) on the same axle.

On different axles not an issue as long as all tires meet the GAWR/actual weight you are carrying.

Load Range refers to carrying capacity-- go to each tire manufacturers website to see the difference (actually PSI to carry a specific weight). As long as your tires meet YOUR weight requirements, you are good to go.

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