Cat 330 Turbo Sluggish Acceleration

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Have a 2004 Phaeton with 330 Cat Turbo that is slowing dramatically/sluggish performance after changing all fuel filters, air filter etc. I'm thinking there may be an issue with the intercooler or something along that line. Any suggestions. The coach has 82k miles.

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

If this suddenly occurred after changing filters, make sure the filters are properly installed (no air leaks).

A leaking CAC (Charge Air Cooler), AKA inter-cooler, AKA after-cooler would certainly reduce performance of any diesel engine, but should not have been coincident with the changing of the fuel filter.

BTW, assume at that mileage you have had the initial vale adjustment-- recommended at 30-40k miles. Improperly adjusted valves could also cause performance issues, but as with the CAC, would likely not be coincident with filter change.

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