Watch out when you get to FL. Many of the municipality's along the coast prohibit camping in parking lots like Walmart. ORMOND BEACH IS ONE OF THESE COMMUNITIES. The Walmart that I pulled into, directly adjacent to I-95, was nice enough to send an employee out before the shift came of "John Law" to write tickets. Thank You Wal-mart! Needless to say, I have since "Boycotted ORMOND BEACH" during my last six trips. NO STOPS, NO FOOD, NO GAS, and also, I will 'NEVER' visit a Camp Ground in ORMAND BEACH ,FL. Wm. Giles.

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What they don't understand is the amount of money we spend if we spend a night in Walmart parking lot. Also the amount of money spent on fuel, restaurants, etc. I understand that Illinois state is against overnight parking so we don't stop if we have to go through the state and will not spend a dime for anything. Its a two way street and if they don't allow us to park then we won't spend any money there.

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