42' Coaches...Limitations At Campgrounds/destinations?

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Getting closer to pulling the trigger on a larger coach (34' now) and we are looking hard at 42-43 footers with tag axles for 6-7 months/yr full-timing.

Does anyone who has this length coach have some wisdom about what limitations the extra 2-3' and tag axle cause? I am guessing that the obvious "can't fit in smaller spaces" comes up normally, but are there situations that you have encountered that really made you wish that you had stayed with a standard 40' length?

Have you been thwarted in any way that you never considered when you opted for the extra size?

Are there restrictions that you have run into that caused you grief when you got to a park?

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There are some parks that you will not fit in. I have a 45 foot coach and really appreciate the extra space. Get a copy of Big Rigs Best Bets, 13th edition. This guide is choke full of parks that do accommodate larger rigs and is constantly being updated. It is available in Print and digital editions. It is a fantastic resource.

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