Rand McNally 7725 LM

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Thanks for reply. The 7720 has been on back order from several vendors for several months. Got new issue of Good Sam and it has an article on the RM 7725. Wonder what is the difference. I liked the video feature of the 7720.



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The 7725-LM, GPS system is offered by GSC.

It appears to be very similar to the 7720. Have not found specific information on the unit as of yet.

Quoted information.

The FMCSA will require GPS training as a part of an up coming recommendation mandating training for all entry-level truck and bus drivers.

Using truck GPS devices is not the answer for RVers. They require there on tool for the job.

Commercial trucks follow federal STAA routing requirements; RVs are not bound by those regulations so routing can be substantially different.

Accommodating turns for RV's can be more complex than that of trucks--a 40 ft. truck has a very different turning characteristic than that of a 40ft. Class A RV.


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