Say A Prayer For This Unknown RVer

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While travelling today in our RV on Interstate 15 near Barstow, CA, I drove past an RV and tow car that had ran off the road. The embankment on the side of the highway went down about 15 feet. The RV was on its side and ripped apart.

My heart was heavy with grief for the driver and anyone else that may have been in the RV. That wreck really hit home since that could be anyone of us (including my family).

With CHP and Fire on the side of the road already, I did not stop. But I did pray for them.

The video from my dash cam show part of the wreck.

I later looked at CHP's dispatch website and found that it was not a fatality (except for their dog). It appears that they ran off the road.

At the end of the day, I continue to think about it and pray for everyone of us to be safe as we travel down the road.



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I want to thank you for your kind words, and prayers, as you went by our Monaco/Safari Zanzibar on the 6th of June on I-15. We were taken to the NMC in Vegas, and released after 5 days. We're doing quite well, with some minor compression fractures, and a collar bone fracture. We are both mobile & walking. And as the CHP report sez, our wonderful dog Katie died on the way to the Vet. If anyone knows of the wonderful gal who volunteered to take Katie to the Vet, please let me know.

Our thanks to all involved....especially the truck driver and a passerby who stopped and pulled us out of the wreckage. In this particular case, our shoulder harness' basically saved our lives. The seats were still attached to the main rails, and we were still sitting in them.

If anyone knows who the truck driver was, or anyone else that helped, please post it on this site so that we both can thank them. They were wonderful, as they took us away from the RV just in case it caught fire. Our sincere thanks to all, especially the CHP officer I talked with at the scene. We are two extremely lucky people !


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