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Where should the power for the steps come from?

They would open when the switch for my house battery disconnect was either on or off, and would close whenever the ignition was on and the door closed.

After a recent dealer visit trying to find a source for something draining the chassis battery while in storage (short term 2-3 weeks) the dealer said the Propane detector is draining the battery and the step was connected to the wrong source? Always worked before.

They said the step should run off the house? If the step is in, and house Bat off you have to climb in the coach to reach the switch for the house battery. and the steps are not retracting when ignition is on.

Let me know any ones thoughts House or Chassis? or New Dealership?? It is still at the dealership,

I told them I did not think that was correct.

2005 Fleetwood Jamboree Ford F450

Thanks Mike

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All that I have ever seen operate from the engine battery. It is a saftey feature.

On Winnebagos the propane alarm operates from the house batteries/converter.

My enigne battery will run down in abour three weeks if the engine is not run even if connected to shore power..

Many Fleetwood products (all?) have a device that senses the engine battery voltage and connects the house batteries/converter to the engine battery to charge the engine battery when you are connected to shore power. If you have such a device it may not be working. Sounds like the dealer is not very knowlegable.

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Hello Mike: Clay's reply is very accurate. Additionally, the transmission places a continuous drain on the chassis battery. The battery disconnect switches should eliminate any battery loads. But on many coaches, the steps are before the battery disconnect switches (relays).

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