Satellite Signal From Reciever To TV Fails

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My 2011 Itasca Sunova 33C was prewired for Satellite. The connections to the receiver consist of Component Cables and Stereo Audio cables as well as a 12 volt power transformer that must be plugged in to send the signal from the receiver to the two TV's.
Recently, the picture and audio fails at random times and I get a "No Signal" on my TV. My provider replaced the receiver but the problem still exists. I found that if I Unplug the power transformer mentioned above and plug it back in, the picture and audio come back for a short while before failing again. I have also found that the longer it is unplugged, the longer I have picture when plugged back in. It seems like a heat problem. Anyone out there have any idea if it might be the transformer or is there a switch box somewhere I need to find?

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From the information you supplied describing how it is acting would lead me to think its a cold solder connection-- the fact that the cooler it is the longer it operates. So see if it operates longer when its cool outside, like in the late evening or AM hrs. There could be a build up of some oxidation on one or more of the cable connections, so check and clean the center conductor on all the RF cables also. A little expansion and contraction issue. That can cause a loss of power (Voltage).

NOTE! if you clean the center conductor, unplug or power down the power source, do not want to add a blown fuse to the mix!

The other possibility is a defective filter capacitor, but that is a long shot from your information.


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