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50 Amp Plug LED's

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My 50 amp plug has two blue led's on the top. Both usually light up when plugged into 50 amp shore power. Sunday I plugged in and only one of the led's lit up...the one on the left top. The one on the right lit very briefly as I plugged it in, then it went out. All systems worked fine, even running both a/c units at the same time...and the TV and entertainment system.

The last time I noticed that the right-side led was out, it was as a result of a shore power problem at a Florida camp site, after a power outage. After the power outage when the power came back on, the wall plugs in my RV stopped working. They moved me to a new site and that solved the problem and both led's were lit.

This time no such problem...just the right LED not lit. A friend speculated that it's just a grounding problem at the site, since all systems worked.

Any thoughts on this?

Should I be concerned?


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Our speculation won't help you-- could be a faulty LED or an indication of a real problem.

You need to VERIFY that your shore power is correct.

If you are safe working around 120 VAC, use your voltmeter to check the CG outlet: If not, have the CG do it.

The two outer straights are the hots L1 and L2.

The center straight is the neutral.

The center round is ground.


From either outer to center straight or center round= 120 VAC

Center round to center straight= 0 VAC

Outer straight to outer straight= 240 VAC


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Thank's Brett. There was a tech onsite and he said the receptacle read fine with his meter and all systems worked fine in the RV. I go to this campground a lot, so next time I'll pay attention to the plugs and follow up.

Thank's again.

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