Allison Transmission Diagnostic Plug Location

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Yes, the shift pad can be used for checking oil level and for diagnostic codes.

But, the plug must be used for an Allison dealer to do any programming change.

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Not sure how familiar you are with Allison so I will answer as if you are new to this. I would start by contacting Winnebago and ask where they located the connector. It is for connecting the Allison diagnostic tool ( Doc program ).

You cannot use automotive OBDII tools to read the info. On the trucks I worked on the diagnostic plug was a round plug with 9 pins. There are several types of connectors used for the diagnostic plug. My guess this connector would located in the rear compartment close to where the Allison ECU is located.

Anyway it would be good to identify where this connector is so if you need service you can tell a tech where it is.


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