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New Form Makes It Easy To Send FMCA Your Chapter Rally Info!

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Greetings from Peggy Jordan, an associate editor at FMC magazine who also handles all the incoming Association Calendar chapter rally listings! The chapter rally info you send us appears in Family Motor Coaching each month and also appears here online at, and I'm the one who coordinates that.

Have you ever wished you could just type your chapter rally ad into one place and press 'send' -- AND know you are giving FMCA exactly the info we need? Now you can with the interactive Association Calendar Form.

This form is a pdf that actually lets you fill in the blanks and then email it directly to No muss, no fuss.

I just tried it out to make sure it works with both kinds of email applications, and it worked with flying colors.

Here's how to use it.

1. Get the Association Calendar form. It's on Click on Chapters/Areas button and then on Chapter Rallies. Look where it says Submit Your Rally Information: Use the Association Calendar mail-in form. Click on that link and you're there.
OR you can get the form through the Members Area. Click on Members Area and then on Documents, Forms. It is the third one down in the list there.

2. Fill out the form. It has 'blanks' that let you fill in your info.

3. Click the bottom button that says "Click here to email this form to FMCA" to send your info to us.

You will next be asked to "select email client." If you use your own home-computer version of Outlook or Outlook Express, and so forth -- a "desktop" email application" -- click on that. When you send it that way, it automatically generates an email to with your pdf attached. In the message field, it says, "Form Returned: calendar.pdf. The attached file is the filled-out form. Please open it to review the data." Just send us that email, and you are done.

If you use an Internet email service such as aol, gmail, yahoo, etc., click on the Internet email option. You will have to save that pdf you just created for us in your computer someplace (for easy retrieval, you may want to save it on your desktop or in your document section). Then create an email addressed to and attach that nice pdf you just saved. Then, click 'send'!

How's that for simple?

Enjoy your rallies!

Peggy Jordan

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