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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

First, most inverters are really inverter/chargers-- assume that is what you have.

And when an inverter/charger "sees" a source of 120 VAC from shore power or generator it automatically activates the charging circuit (as well as "pass through" the 120 VAC from that external source. Turning off the inverter switch will not change this on the vast majority of applications.

And, as to whether the solar and/or inverter/charger will charge the batteries, that depends of depth of discharge of the batteries. Once charged up, it the inverter/charger is set to a higher voltage, it will do most of the charging. If the solar controller is set to a higher voltage it will do most of the charging up to the amp capacity of the solar panel(s),

My advice-- VERIFY that the inverter/charger is properly programmed. Same for the solar controller (if a smart one and you can program it). Let them work together.

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