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Just Made My First Reservation


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We were there last year, didn't stay on the reservation but did spend several days in the village there. We had a wonderful time, it is a beautiful place and the people are wonderful. They do a drum circle one night a week and the public is invited. Go and stay for the evening, a very nice event that will give you great insight into the tribe.

There is a nice cultural museum that the Makah tribe has in Neah Bay on the NW corner of the Olympic Peninsula. It is a two hour drive from La Push where the Quileute tribe is located. The drive is very scenic and the museum is really quite good.

Our plans this summer are completely up in the air but we are hoping to spend some time with the Quileute in La Push in September. One of my blog entries details some of our experiences with the tribes of the Pacific NW.

I think you will enjoy your visit. You may want to stay a few more days if the weather is good and you find the people as welcoming as we did.

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