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Workhorse Chassis Manual

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I was looking for some different Workhorse information when I ran into this information on the 2005 and 2009 series chassis.

A lot of general information, but what caugh my eye was the information on the fuse panels and the information on the internal and external fuse locations and what they protect.

Motorhome fuse panels are covered in Section 4, Pages 71 to 80. The PDF file pages are page 224 to 233 in the 2005 manual.

Maintenance intervals are also covered and the Auto Park system for some models.

First Link 2005

Second Link 2009 Fuse block information on Motorhomes. Pages 216 to 235

Third Link,

More Like A Shop Manual. for 1999 to 2009, the UFO Chassis and P chassis. Weight specifications.

This workhorse information covers more of the mechanical maintenance and repair information for the chassis. With allot of engine, transmission, suspension and on page 49 lists the engine maintenance items like. filters, plugs and transmission filter kits. Vin number location(s) an pictures of the fuse box locations.

Note! These are large files around 390 pages in all. A chassis Repair manual and other information is at this link.

This is a link to purchase a maintenance manual.

The third link maybe real close to the information listed above.

This is a link to some good pictures of the Workhorse UFO Chassis.


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