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Whirlpool Speedcook Microwaves in Winnebago Tours & Itasca Ellipse

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We purchased a 2013 Winnebago Tour in September 2012 that has a Whirlpool Velos Speedcook Microwave/Convection Model #GH7208XRS. The microwave was used one week in September and 2 weeks in November for a total of 3 weeks of use before problems began. The panel began beeping and the menu screen began flashing and jumping from one menu to another. Whirlpool provided little support and the service technicians who responded all said it was the hardest microwave to troubleshoot and fix.

All the brains of this microwave are in the door so it was decided we needed a new door. Whirlpool informed us a door wouldn't be available for production for about 11 months. Because of this, we asked for a new microwave and Whirlpool refused. Winnebago agreed to send us a new microwave at their expense.

A new door eventually showed up and was installed on the microwave before the microwave was returned to Winnebago. The new microwave was found broken out of the box and another was sent by Winnebago.

The third microwave was installed on April 3, 2013. The microwave was used between April 3 and April 6 and not used again until July 1, 2013. It worked perfectly for less than 2 months. Then, while cooking on sizzle pan mode, the microwave suddenly went out completely. We cannot use the fan, hood light, and the control panel is completely dark. All troubleshooting has been done.

After both incidents and hassles with service I went on websites to read the reviews. Please read the full reviews.


This product and Whirlpool products had horrible reviews. Other owners in homes have experienced both problems we have. Key in the model number on and read the reviews. I have met another Winnebago owner who had her cabinet retrofitted and replaced her microwave with a product made by another company.

I would really like feedback from other motorhome owners about their experience with this product. If this product is causing this many problems, I would like a response from owners that will support asking Winnebago to stop installing this unit in their motorhomes. Please respond on this forum thread or to my email address,

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Welcome to FMCA !

I took the time to look at what Consumers Report had on the unit. Not enough data to score the unit. CR mentioned a price of $958.

There where 2 reports 180 degrees apart. One loved the display and the ease of use.

The second also loved the unit, bought it in 2007 and was trouble free, until the control board failed. Replaced the board and unit still did not work and at the time was beyond a reasonable repair.

Not much info. to be found.


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Sounds like an expensive Whirlpool nightmare. I would start by contacting Winnebago again, and I would demand that they replace that microwave with another brand at their expense, surely your MH is still under manufacture warranty.

Obviously Whirlpool doesn't care!!!! I bet if the Winnebago factory gets behind Whirlpool, and stops using Whirlpool products in their products, it will get more attention than just one squeaky wheel.

Good luck,


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