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Towing 2014 Jeep GC update

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This is the link to the Chrysler / Jeep PDF manual that has the official procedures to prepare the 2014 Jeep to be flat towed.

To get to the instructions click on "Starting and Operating" located on the left side then scroll down through the pages to "Recreational Towing (Behind a Motor Home)." Click on the title to go to page 515 and scroll down to page 517. The instructions continue through page 521. There is still a minor discrepancy in the instructions; the lengthy message “FOUR WHEEL DRIVE SYSTEM IN NEUTRAL” that is supposed to be displayed on the EVIC - doesn’t. Instead (on my panel) only a small “Neutral” is displayed in the upper left corner of the EVIC.

When the transfer case is shifted back into the drive selection from neutral there is an audible "thunk" and the "Neutral" text on the EVIC is not visible.

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We are looking at buying our first Jeep Grand Cherokee (a 2014). reading the PDF, and earlier posts on how to place gc in neutral flat-towing mode, etc. I admit to having some concerns before buying it, and hope others here who already tow 2014 GC can help. tks! My two biggest questions/concerns are:

1). OM talks about the Lift suspension, since we have "tentatively picked out" a 2014 Overland, with air lift suspension --- my question is how many of you tow a GC model with air lift? Pro Cons advice for us?

2) OM steps to prepare to tow (and to resume normal driving) seem long (14 steps & 4-5 "notes")..seems ripe for errors, frustrations. my question for all who have the Quadra Track II or Quadra drive II (flat tow allowed tranny), which 2014 GC model do you have, and what is your feeling about the steps needed to place in "towing" mode?

FYI- we bought a 2013 C-Max Hybrid SEL model which has been a good, fuel efficient, cost effective dinghy. But Ford Corp are still trying to resolve dead battery issues on these hybrid cars. After multiple wrecker tows, and Ford hybrid tech, mechanic doing all the latest "attempts" by Ford Corp to upgrade software, change some parts that Ford Corp. believed were causing parasitic battery drain (e.g. Power lift tailgate module, there are perhaps others), .... We feel the engineers at Ford do not have a clue yet how to END the dead battery issues. (For more info, you can read www, We have reached the end of not just patience (14 months and counting...) but also reached a zero confidence in the C-Max 's reliability, nor Ford's ability to figure out and resolve.

We need love the space, ride, and looks of GC. We just need first-person advice from owners who tow one. Thanks so much!

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