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Battery's X 10

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Bought this Tiffin, four month's ago, checking it out real close for peace of mind noticed the coach batteries were swelling so I get a tester out unhooked all eight of them thinking man this is a lot of battery's had six out of the eight weak. so I replaced them, I called the dealer and told him what I had to do and he said he wanted to pay me what the battery's ran @ his cost. I'm thinking that was good of them to do that. Now I am going to go ahead and pull the engine start batteries out and replace them they hold the load but real close to the weak side just don't want any trouble there.

All the chargers seem to be working good so I'm guessing that six years on a set in a coach like this is not bad. The service manager told me that a inverter like this coach had would put out whatever it had to to keep the charge so it would start heating up the batteries.

Have any one here ever pulled the start batteries out of one of these Tiffin buses? I am looking it over-- seems they will have to drop out the bottom, any advice would be appreciated.


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Also, make sure your Inverter/charger is properly programmed for the batteries you have!

Something as simple as setting it to winter/cold ambient temperatures can overcharge the batteries in hot weather.

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Here are Tiffin Tech Support and Parts Service Numbers.

They are great, and will walk you through anything and everything.

256 356-8661
Bob Tiffin x-2206
Tech Support: B.D.Stacy, x-3294 Parts Sales: Dewayne Raper, x-3205
Don Boyd, x-3290 Jerry Thorne, x-3378
Jerry Humphries, x-3302 Loyd Griffus, x-3342
Richard Blanton, x-3322 Mark Richardson, x-3237
Scotty Martin, x-3240 Ricky Johnson, x-3245
Wayne Emerson, x-3226 Mark Calvert

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Just a FYI on this Tiffin, I changed the engine batteries. They do not come out the bottom, you have to bring them out the top. Wasn't bad, took about a hour. All seems good. Now I'm doing some reading on programing the inverter.

I'm in Fort Worth at midtown R.V. while having my left\ knee replaced, all went well now just have to get it all working again, if your ever in Fort Worth it's a small RV park close to everything. Again I sure appreciate you reply's and am going to have to say my hat's off to Billy Sims ttTrailer Town they really are standing behind this coach. also the first one ii bought there, lol I'm not a salesman.

thx again


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