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Setting up Brake Buddy

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Having purchased a New Brake Buddy, I was somewhat questioning the correct setup.

Well, this is what my setup entailed:

I put the unit, on the passenger floor, and plugged unit in. Set to all defaults began to drive in my fashion.

Driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I watched operation as I drove.

I wanted the unit to respond to moderate braking. Stepped up sensitivity 1 step at a time.

Found that #4 sensitivity, and 60 pounds of pressure met my style.

Hooked up toad to motorhome, had wife sit in toad while driving around area.

This seemed to to give me good braking, for the way I drive.

Tapping brake to de-energize cruise control. did not set brake.

At this setting, Brake Buddy also helps in stopping unit.

Being that we live, and travel in the mountains,it was important to have good control.

Tomorrow, we leave from New Mexico to Chicago.

If I encounter any problems on trip, I will certainly post.

Safe traveling to all. and enjoy.

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