Corroded Battery Cable

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I noticed that one of the negative battery cables is corroded at the terminal and back into the wire itself.

Should I try to clean it, or replace it?

If I remove it, should I turn off the disconnect switch for the house and coach batteries while I am working on it?

If I replace it, I will have to go to a welding shop?? and have them make up a replacement as it is only about 6 inches long. I might as well remove (one at a time) and clean the terminals on all the wires while I'm at it?

I have no experience with so many batteries in one place and need lots of advice!


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Yes, if the corrosion is up in the wire jacket, the wire needs to be replaced. Copper oxide does NOT conduct electricity. And, the resistance caused by compromised cables can cause overheating and in extreme cases, fires.

Since these are the negative cables, no need to disconnect anything at the batteries-- just be careful to keep the negative cables and tools clear of the positive terminals. If you have an old scrap of inner tube, laying that across positive terminals is added insurance against a dead short. I would turn off the salesman switch and probably pull the fuse for the refrigerator, so the PC boards will not see make/break/make/break voltage as you disassemble/reassemble.

You should be able to find premade battery cables at businesses that sell batteries, service golf carts, marine stores, etc.

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Salesman switch???

Common name for the house battery disconnect-- normally near the door. Salesman can leave all the interior lights on and just hit one switch to turn them on/off.

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