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HWH Air Leveling Won't Dump

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Is that the only function that won't work? Can you manually lower one side at a time or lower front or back?

If you can manually adjust the level by dumping air on one side or another it sounds like a malfunction in the control panel. If no control keys dump air I would look for a fuse somewhere that controls the air release valve. It is the same valve that dumps air for the brake system I believe, when you pressurize your air to drive do you get a release of air when the pressure reaches its set maximum?

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If not said before, Welcome to the Forum.

We had a 98 Windsor and had the same problem. I bought both solenoid valves and when I started to replace them I found that the exhaust ports were stopped up by dirt dobbers. I cleaned them both and the air dumped just fine. I returned the valves for full credit and got some ceramic filters for the valves and never had the problem again.

Hope this helps,


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