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Tire/Wheel/Hub Balance

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I replaced my Goodyear tires yesterday with Michelin thru the FMCA program. I hope I get as good service from the Michelins as I got from the Goodyears.

The best money I have ever spent was on the Centramatic balance system. Oh my! The motorhome rides smoother than ever and before the Goodyear naysayers start I'll tell you I first drove away with the Michelin tires spin balanced. It drove terrible and I mean teeth rattling bad. Turned around and while talking with the store manager a truck driver chimed in "that I needed the Centramatic system".

When I told him it's a motorhome, he grimaced and said "that's still what you need".

The manager made me a deal I couldn't resist and I'm extremely pleased with Centramatic.

Nuff said...

08 Fleetwood Bounder DP

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I agree-- have them on my coach. They end out of balance, as they account for imbalance in everything:




Brake drum or disk

Basically all rotating masses are balanced.

The only other variable is run-out. If the tires don't have excessive run-out, you are good to go.

As fewer and fewer shops can do a good "on the vehicle spin balance", finding a permanent solution makes sense.

The cost must be factored over the life of the motorhome (or motorhomes if you move them to a new one), NOT just that set of tires.

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I agree. I had them on my older coach and did not take them off, What a bad idea. Will not do that again.

I just got a new set for my new coach and will install next week with new Michelin tires, FMCA advantage program is a great help, saved over $150 per tire.

Since balancing cost $30 or more per tire the centermatics are not a bad deal. Yes the cost a little more up front but save in the long run.

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