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This is some good information for coach owners who are into repairing there own coaches.

Authorized Service Parts
• Customers may perform their own service
– Maintain accurate records
– Does not void warranties
• Genuine parts ensure quality
Parts should be ordered using your chassis VIN to ensure correct parts
Part numbers are accurate at time of printing and subject to change without notice!
To apply for a password, Go to new fleet user.
Fill out all information including chassis vin#
Submit information in10 days to 2 weeks you should receive a password
This will give you access to
Parts Pro
EZ Wiring
This link will get you a copy of knowing you chassis.
This is a little more informative them most Knowing Your Chassis files publisher by Freightliner in the regards to service intervals and part numbers.
2007 chassis maintenance manual link.
Changing power steering fluid link

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