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I have a 2005 Winnebago Voyage on a Workhorse W22 chassis with the Allison 1000 transmission. The best I can tell from Workhorse is that the transmission was originally filled with non-synthetic fluid. I'm a little confused about the recommended service interval as well as the number of filters to be replaced at service. I'm also not sure whether we fall under general or severe use. My goal is to do the right thing, but I don't want to waste money either.

Appreciate the help,


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OJ, Did you get any service records with the coach? What was the mileage when you got the coach and what is the current mileage?

Allison does recommend there TRS 295 syn for the 1000 series to extend the service intervals.

1000 MH Main filter is a Spin-On Canister
– Deep Oil Pan 14.8 quarts. (14.0) L.
– Shallow Oil Pan 12.7 quarts (12.0) L.

You may need more fluid if you change from Dex to Syn. to flush the system and to change all the filters at that time.

What one uses in there transmission really depends on factors, like how many miles you drive, (the kind of terrain and the load, how dusty the conditions) These items determine severer or nominal use. and how long one plans to keep the coach.

I would think you would fall into the general category.

DEX.= 50,000 mi. / 2000 hrs. / 24 months

SYN. = 100,000 mi. / 4000 hrs. / 48 months.

You need to decide if the cost difference is worth the return on investment.


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You can get a lot of good info on your transmission from the website “my transmission” go to the Allison site and enter your serial number. You can find out lots of good info on your transmission such as part numbers for filter kits and capacities.


I recommend you use the transcend fluid. And go by the General duty cycle. The web site

States if *General Vocation: All vocations not classified as Severe.

**Severe Vocation: 2000 MH, On/Off Highway, Refuse, City Transit and and Shuttle Transit.

You have a 1000MH so it would fall under General Vocation.

The Allison Transmission maintenance schedules stipulate that fluid/filters should be changed after the recommended mileage, months, or hours have elapsed, whichever occurs first. Local conditions, severity of operation or duty cycle may require more or less frequent fluid change intervals that differ from the published recommended fluid change intervals of Allison Transmission.

Transmission protection and fluid change intervals can be optimized by the use of fluid analysis.

I use JG labs


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Thanks to both of you. You filled in the blanks that were escaping me. My wife and I purchased this coach new and have stayed right on all recommended maintenance items. Transmission service needed the clarification that you provided.

Thanks Again,


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