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We have Max Force 10 engine made by Navistar or International. We are looking for service providers that will deal with motorhomes since have run into a couple that do not want to deal with us. We are looking for places around the country that will provide annual or periodic maintenance. Is there any group or list of service providers that like motorhomes? If not can we start one? (Sure miss my Cummins service locations with hookups and friendly service). When you look on Monaco or Navistar sites you get generic list but most only want to deal with trucks.

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Welcome to the forum. Please add more info on your coach in your signature it makes it easier to give good answers

I would think you could get your annual done at nearly any big truck maintenance facility.

I do my own maintenance so I haven’t had to find someone to do the work. Hear are a couple of links you might find useful.

You could get it done at Camping World but I am not a big fan.


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