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2001 Damon Challanger House Battery Problems

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I have a 2001 Damon Challenger.

Everything works fine when the shore power is plugged in.

When I unplug the shore power and turn on the battery disconnect the only items that work are the antenna power supply.

No lights, Frig, nothing.


I changed the house batteries (it was time to do it any way).

Still nothing and all batteries are charged. The converter is functioning and delivering 12v to the 12v fuse panel under the bed.

I checked voltage at the relay in the front and it was working. 12 volts was being turned on/off bit no power to the 12v fuse panel under the bed.

Is there another CB or switch anywhere that I am missing?

I have had this unit for 3 years and it has always worked....


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I have a feeling that the antenna is powerd from the chassis batteries, not the coach batteries.

Need to clarify that you have voltage at both sides (terminals) of the relay when you activate the relay, Correct?

The relay you mention, is it under the hood inside a black box?

The Box contains fusses and relays. There is likely a rest button for a circuit breaker in side the box.

Look around under the hood if you have not found a black metal box. Be careful removing the cover so you do not short out anything.

Your Owners Manual may refer to a BCC(Battery Control Circuit) in the electrical section, but not mention where its located.

Call Thor/Damon customer service at 877-855-2867.

Keep the group posted.


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Figured it out..

The output of the relay/solenoid went to a square device. The device was a resettable fuse. The reset was on the side of it where I could not see it.

Thanks for your help...


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