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We are leaving NWPA the 1st of January to drive down to Gaffney, SC to take advantage of Freightliners 15% off service (10% + 5% FCOC) for our "New to Us" MH. We have winterized the Beast and plan on taking some containers of water along for flushing & drinking until we get down south in a warmer area.

Is this the right way to start out or do any of you have better ideas?

I also will have to winterize the rig before heading back home I assume.

Any advice in practical procedures will be appreciated.


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When we leave the North country in cold weather, we always carry 3 gal of the pink antifreeze to keep the traps, drain lines and holding tanks below the freezing point.

Should you be returning in February or March plan on re winterizing the coach. Do not forget the Water heater and fresh water tanks or the fresh water lines and the city water line !!!!


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We have travel in 14 degree weather using your same plan, except we went on to warmer location for 3 months before returning home. Do plan on stopping where you will have electrical hook ups, because you will need to run your furnace to keep the water bay warm. Don't risk running your batteries down. We added a trouble lite with 60 watt bulb to the water bay, and we have a remote temperature sensor there, too. The water bay holds 40-45 degrees no matter how cold it is outside.

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