Best route: ABQ-Naples FL Where And Where Not To Stay

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We will travel from Albuquerque NM to Naples FL beginning January 21 and would appreciate members' suggestions about routes, and then any comments concerning RV parks you'd say about "gotta stay there" or "don't even think about it!" We are okay with just about any overnight fee.

Our two routes under consideration at this time are Mapquest's default ABQ-Amarillo-DFW-Shreveport-Tallahassee etc. itinerary, and also we are interested in ABQ-Carlsbad NM-Austin TX and east. Any thoughts? We are loose, hoping any route will take us to Naples within a 1950-miles to 2100-miles maximum.

We prefer to drive about 300 miles per day, on the road for two days and resting a day. We will greatly appreciate every suggestion!

Chuck Smith

New Bird.tiff

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

Actually this time of year, weather will likely dictate your route. If a cold front settles in (as it has right now) you will be better off heading south and then east to avoid well-below freezing temperatures. Same if snow or freezing rain is predicted.

Usually the safest route (from a weather stand point) would be to head south and take I 10 or I 10, US90 from Van Horn to San Antonio (much nicer drive) and then I 10 on across.

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