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I guess it depends on what you like.

We didn't want to mess with trailers (where to store them in our Oregon State Parks, etc.). We chose to tow "4 down" (all four wheels on the ground). Camping world installed our towing equipment on our motorhome (Winnebago Journey 42E). Many recommended we pick a large tow vehicle for extra storage (we're full timers), but we have enough storage in our coach. We found a 2012 Cadillac SRX on a good deal, and used the FMCA towing guides to learn limitations on various different makes/models that are towable while we shopped around. We find our SRX to be no-fuss as far as towing and are pleased. We push a button on the stick, and keep our mph below 65, and we're good. No extra stops to idle the car every couple hours or anything. I know there are lots of other options. We wanted a bit of comfort and luxury. Everybody does it differently. Our coach has tag wheels and we could take a hitch weigh of up to 15K because of the tag axle. Our road master towing system is pretty much invisible on the front of our SRX which is pretty nice on such a nice car. I know everybody has preferences, but the system we ended up with works well for us.

Just do your research, and don't just take everybody's opinions as gospel, and you'll be fine!

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Three choices:

1. Choose a vehicle that is towable 4 wheels down without modification and is within the GCWR and towing capacity of your motorhome.

2. Choose a vehicle that is not towable without modification and have it modified to two 4 wheels down (drive shaft disconnect, transmission pump, etc) and that meets the weight restrictions above.

3. Use a tow dolly with brakes rated to tow the toad you have in mind and that meets the weight restrictions above.

Clearly, the first is the easiest. But, if you change vehicles often, the tow dolly makes sense. If you LOVE your current vehicle and want to tow it 4 wheels down, the second option makes sense.

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We are part time RVers as I am still working at the age of 46. However, like you we had the same dilemma three years ago. We were advised all 4 wheels down so we purchased the Blue Ox towing system and bought a newer but used Jeep Wrangler. Unlike the response above, the Jeep does not have a great deal of storage space, but was an easy way to tow a lighter vehicle. I could not even notice the vehicle behind me and hooking and unhooking was literally less than 5 minutes. Since it was a 5 speed, it did not require any additional pumps for the transmission that may be required for some vehicles towed in this manner.

Obviously Wolf10 has the perfect answers. This was simply my experience to date.

Good luck

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