1999 Fleetwood Eagle Inverter Issue

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Hopefully someone on this form can help the heart invertor failed in May of 2013.

I purchased a Xantrex 458 inverter/charger.

We live in the middle of S.D. so their aren't any MH tech in the area I have looked. The problem is that we have no 110 volt power on the inverter now. It seems to charge the batteries, every thing works on gen or shore power.

Fleetwood can't or wont help Xantrex seems to know less than I do. thanks

Jim Hanig

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Jim welcome,

When you mention no 110 power on the inverter, do you mean going to or being supplied to the inverter, you mentioned that it looks like it is charging the coach batteries.

So with the power off to the inverter / charger what is the voltage reading of the batteries. You might need to read one at a time.

NOTE, please make a drawing and label any cables you remove to check the batteries. It is to easy to get them reconnected improperly. Been there done that !!!

You might want to get a hydrometer reading of each cell, if they are the wet type. One bad cell can really limit there charge.

Do you have the owners manual for the coach?

This is a link to a PDF copy if you do not have it.



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I guess the problem I am having is I am not sure the wiring is correct to the inverter. the inverter has a in put and output. Before we unhooked the heartinerface model I marked how they where hooked up to it, then connected them to the 458 in the same way. but no 110 volt power out of the inverter.

The battery are 12.7- 13 volts. They are about 7 months old and when hooked to shore power they show 13.3. Anyone out there made the change from the heartinerface to a 458 freedom single input single output inverter? thanks

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Hi Jim
I had a heart inverter in my 2000 Eagle which also burned out last season while wintering in Fl. I contacted a fellow in the American Coach Club by the name of Kevin Malloy. His company name is cruising America. He was pitching the magnum inverter. You may get some good advice eith your problem. He was extremely helpful with my installation.

His number should you call is (419)852-0791. I am not sure if he handles your inverter or not but it's worth a call.

Hope this can help you.

Jim G

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