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Portabote Mounting On Winnebago View

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Hi all, I am usually a forum crawler, but joined today to.ask the community due to no information available on the internet.

I am looking for a solution to mount my 12' portabote to a 2013 Winnebago view. I mounted it to the slideout on my my super C, but am now with a dilemma with the sprinter. There is not enough room to mount anywhere underneath. Don't want to challenge my rain gutters with weight. The slideout is not long enough to to mount to that side. The rig is not tall enough to do a rear vertical mount. However, it may work between the awning supports on the passenger side. I am leaning towards getting a 6x14 cargo trailer and doing a side mount. Though, not interested I having to take a trailer on every trip for the chance I may want to use the portabote.

Has anyone mounted the bote to a view and how did you accomplish this task?

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