Canvas Over Slides Flapping In The Wind

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We had the same problem when we were in Dallas a few months ago. Called the local RV tech and he came out and wound the springs inside the roller tube tighter. Solved the problem and it was a cheap and easy fix.

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There have been several remedies for that problem over the years, including beach balls placed between the topper and the roof of the slide.

Having the springs tightened will also work but one must remember that there is supposed to be play in the topper to keep it from ripping.

The method that I used when we were in 45 mph winds and the toppers were thumping and billowing was to go and purchase a 4" wide strapping material. I cut the 50 foot length to extend over the ends of the slides by about 3 or 4 feet. I folded the ends into an overlapping triangle and put a grommet in the ends. I then purchased some screw in ground stakes that had springs on them. A rope was placed through the grommet and tied. The other end of the rope was put through the spring and tied so that it could be adjusted. Don't remember the knot I used. This worked very well.

Also remember that you do have to use a wide strap. Just putting a rope over it will cut through the awning. As an example, fold a piece of paper, but a thread through the fold. anchor one end of the paper and pull the thread. it will cut through the paper like a razor.

I know carry two sets of this contraption for the next time I have to use it. Storage is small and light.

p.s., My other alternative in 52 mph winds was to bring the slide in.

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Thank you all so much. We will take all your replies into consideration.

In regards to bringing in the slides in, that is what we have had to do because it was sounding like the canvas was going to be ripped off. We are in Prescott AZ and have being going through some major wind and dust storms. We are so thankful they are gone now for a little while. We have been told it's not too good to bring the slides in and out so often.

Again thanks,


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